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Shopping online pentru produse fără … sex

Scris de Alexandru Manea

Au apărut magazine online destinate celor care vor să cumpere haine ce nu sunt încadrate în clasicele categorii: masculin ori feminin. Iată despre ce este vorba.

Shopping online pentru produse fără … sex

Se spune că în viitor ideea de masculin ori feminin nu va mai fi dominantă și că oamenii îi vor privi pe cei din jur ca ființe universale, fără sex. Deja shoppingul online a pornit în această direcție.

Au apărut magazine online, precum RIGit, unde se vând haine ce pot fi purtate și de bărbați și de femei. Unisex sau Genderless, cum este numită mai nou această categorie.

SHARE SHOW LOVE ❤️A "stud" or a "butch" Can have babies🤰They can carry their own.Stop saying they can't or it's weird.Regardless of what they choose to wear,They're fucking ladies🙄 Two "studs" or two "butch" individuals can be together.Can love each other forever, can flourish and build together. I don't see y'all saying shit when it's two "fems"🤷🏻‍♀️They can also have sex with men.A stud can date a gay's called being BISEXUAL.Or maybe even pansexual.Or maybe they just found something in each other allowing them to be more flexible Yes,they're allowed to be that .It doesn't matter if they're masculine.Y'all always asking how can a man be attracted to a "stud" or "butch" biiisssh you didn't know once those layers are removed .She probably looks better than you 😂Ijs Baggy clothes represent resistance, to love what's under evolving layers.What is hidden away or made visible,Only when they say. Even though you may not be able to see those layers.They are there, she's just a privilege. Love has no limit Every love is and looks different&for those of you who love that way You don't have to be scared claiming to only be gay,embrace yourself be proud of who you are Fuck what what people have to say You don't have to be a cliche.Y'all get so mad when they don't consider themselves bisexual or whatever labels y'all go by these days but you guys are the ones who make it hard for them to love who they are.By being so damn judgmental.Y'all can't even be mad Because some of you who are supposed to understand…Y'all treat them as if they don't belong.So how could We even expect the rest of the world to accept us when we can't even do it We're supposed to be a community (LGBT🌈) But I think y'all forgot what that means.Yes they can wear weave in their hair and yes they can wear makeup.Not every stud, butch, or masculine lesbian has to be a baldheaded scallywag🙄They can do whatever tf makes them feel good.Unfortunately we have these labels and ppl live by them.But regardless of what they consider themselves they are women and they are human.We're just trying to live free and y'all keep creating these boundaries…

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