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Romania will enter Guinness Book with the largest Kangoo Jumps class in history

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Kinga Sebestyen, the famous instructor, business woman and creator of weight loss and medical recovery programs, will run the largest Kangoo Jumps class in history. The event will take place on October 13, 2019, at Unirii Square, Oradea, Romania, joined by more than 1300 people. The Guinness Book of World Records representatives will register the record.

Romania will enter Guinness Book with the largest Kangoo Jumps class in history

The initiative belongs to KAPO – Heath on Boots team, composed of Kinga Sebestyen and doctors Alin Iova, Pusa Dorina Farcas and Olivia Burta, who launched an important study in Oradea proving the efficiency of Kangoo Jumps on health of over 80 people.

Anyone can join the largest Kangoo Jumps class after they sign in on the JumpClass mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play and iOS AppStore.

“It’s been more than 10 years since I started promoting Kangoo Jumps and developing weight loss and medical recovery programs in Europe. We are a strong community, with passion for this sport and about healthy lifestyle. I want all of us to join forces and include Romania in the Guinness Book of World Records. On Sunday, October 13th, at 1.00 PM, we will start the largest Kangoo Jumps class at Unirii Square, in Oradea. We must be more than 1300 people so that we surpass the last record, of 1298 people, held by Germany. We are talking about a world record which must be supervised by the representatives of Guinness Book of World Records. This is why all the participants must sign in before on JumpClass mobile app. Download it! Every participant will pay 25 lei entry fee and will receive rebound boots to jump on, soft drinks, gadgets and their own diploma. The companies or institutions who send more than 20 participants will receive a special diploma for the entire group. I cannot wait for all of us to jump and include Oradea and Romania in Guinness Book of World Records!” (Kinga Sebestyen).

Oradea was chosen as the host city of this wonderful project as Kinga has been developing there, since the beginning of 2019, the KAPO – Health on Boots study.

“KAPO – Health on Boots verifies and proves the health improvement of 80 people who are doing Kangoo Jumps classes. These people have health problems, are overweight, have diabetes or back and joints problems. A wonderful team of doctors monitorizes the evolution of these people: dr. Ligia Olivia Burta, Dr. Dorina Maria Farcas, Dr. Alin Iova, Dr. Corina Suteu, Dr. Corina Chiorean”. (Kinga Sebestyen).

The largest Kangoo Jumps class will be included in the Kangoo Jumps Festival, an event held over the entire weekend in Oradea (October 12 – 13), and will include workshops for instructors and trainers, medical conference KAPO – Health on Boots, masterclasses with national and international presenters, choreography contest.

More info can be found on Kinga Sebestyen and Kangoo Club social media pages.




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