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Noul trend: sa iti arati acneea pe Instagram 

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Cautati pe Instagram #acnee si veti descoperi ca cea mai populara postare nu este un anunt pentru o crema sau un produs de make-up care sa ascunda imperfectiunile tenului, asa cum v-ati fi asteptat. Este vorba despre o postare a artistei si bloggeritei care scrie despre acnee (da, exista asa ceva), Hailey Wait.

Having a good day today x

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In postarea sa, Wait spune ca „Acneea nu te face urata, dar o inima plina de ura, da.”. Bloggerita se descrie ca fiind pro pizza face. Ea face parte dintr-o comunitate care promoveaza acceptarea imperfectiunilor fizice, mai precis, a acneei. Miscarile de acest gen, care popularizeaza iubirea fata de sine, sunt din ce in ce mai populare pe retelele de social media. Au castigat tot mai multi adepti in randul tinerilor care vor modele reale si refuza sa accepte standardele de frumusete clasice. Hailey Wait are peste 135.000 de followeri pe Instagram si posteaza des mesaje precum „Esti frumoasa cu sau fara acnee” sau „Pielea ta nu reprezinta viata”. Ea spune ca s-a saturat sa se trezeasca in fiecare dimineata si sa petreaca ore in sir in fata oglinzii, incercand sa isi acopere defectele.

i would die for declan mckenna no offense

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De la prea mult machiaj, starea tenului ei s-a inrautatit, asa ca s-a hotarat sa isi lase pielea sa respire. Pentru a monitoriza evolutia bolii, a inceput sa isi faca selfieuri si sa le posteze pe Instagram. Desi initial se astepta la comentarii rautacioase si pline de ura, a primit numai laude pentru curajul sau.

From childhood to where I am now, I’ve always known that everything has a personality. From a young age it was always hard for me to decipher faces and expressions and I couldn’t read emotions as easily as other people could, so in order to cope with that I assigned a personality to everything I saw. Doors were always smiling. Cars had eyes. Flowers emitted love and their hearts were full. It broke my heart to see their stems clipped. If I dropped a stack of paper I would cry because I had accidentally destroyed a Paper Family and even if I put everything together again, I knew the paper was still sad. And I didn’t want to make anything sad. This way of coping has honestly never left me and it still breaks my heart to see so much negativity in the world. When I bullied other girls as a child I would always cry at the end of the day because I had made someone sad and I couldn’t take it back. I knew what it was like to be bullied at home and when I began inflicting my pain onto others, it only made it feel worse. Social media is weird because I see so many different sides to people and some say things they wouldn’t ever say to my face. I say things that I regret occasionally and I’m not perfect of course but I guess I just don’t understand how some people can hurt others so easily without remorse. I don’t understand it. I know the Aspergers stereotype is all about the lack of emotion but for me it’s the opposite because I used empathy as a coping mechanism. As much as I try sometimes it’s impossible for me to fully hate someone. Please treat everything in your life with gentleness, because I’ve noticed that nowadays it’s a lot easier to be filled with hate than it is to show compassion. (With that being said there’s still people commenting about my acne and I’m gonna be a little snappy because they obviously didn’t read the caption)

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O alta bloggerita adolescenta, Leia Immanuel, obisnuia sa posteze doar poze cu ea machiata si aranjata. Cand a inceput sa primeasca comentarii in care alte fete de varsta ei ii spuneau ca e perfecta si ca vor sa fie ca ea, a decis sa puna capat minciunii. Le-a aratat urmaritorilor, cum este tenul ei in realitate. Ea declara ca a vrut ca oamenii sa nu se mai compare cu influencerii din mediul online, care mereu arata perfect, si sa nu se mai simta complexati. „Acneea este in regula, cicatricile sunt OK, asa ca nu-ti fie rusine!”, a declarat Leia.

PSA: to all my girls n guys acne, all of the hormonal preteen monsters and all of the adults with acne and EVERYBODY in between that's been insecure of their acne, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! With all the people speaking out w their experience in the petty fight, I wanted to address this. I'm a teenager and I have acne! Non inflammatory, mild acne. I've had it so far for 3 years. I've had ups and downs with it, but every day I learn to accept it a little more. Acne would take over my mind and stress me out to the point where I was in tears! I would be afraid to look people in the eye, and even talk to my best friends. It took a toll on me physically and psychologically, which completely destructed my self esteem. I don't even have it so bad, but as someone who's dealt and is dealing with it, it does have great affects on me. If I had to list all of my knowledge on products and remedies that I've gone through, it would go on forever. Acne still frustrates me for obvious reasons, but instead of tearing myself down for it, I had to realize:its normal! I'm in that 'age,' and that's okay! If you're 20 and you still have it, that's okay,! If you have cystic acne, tons of whiteheads, blackheads, papules, nodules, the list goes on and on, it's okay. You are beautiful. For those people that have tried everything and their skin still won't clear, it's okay! For those of you that were lucky enough to clear your acne, congratulations!! Seriously. A big part of dealing with this is realizing that it is not the only thing about you. Realizing that you are still resilient and incredible. As for me, I'm taking care of my diet, hydration skin and overall health. It'll take time, but its okay. Acne has made me understand myself and others better believe it or not. I feel like after dealing with it I am more open minded and understanding of people going through it or any other sort of condition. Dismiss anyone insisting that you are less than you are for it. They don't understand what you have gone through, they are in the wrong for being ignorant. So this was what I have to say. Disagree or agree. If you want, comment your story. To everyone with acne- You are beautiful.

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Fotograful care isi pozeaza acneea pentru ca s-a saturat de Photoshop

Fotografiile artistice cu prim-planuri ale persoanelor care sufera de acnee, au devenit de asemenea, virale. Cara Delevingne a shareuit o poza needitata a fotografului Peter DeVito. Ea a scris: „Este atat de gresit faptul ca nu as postat aceasta fotografie daca eu as fi fost in aceata situatie.”. Printre vedetele care s-au alaturat miscarii si promoveaza acceptarea defectelor fizice, se numara Chrissy Teigen, Rachel Bloom, Kendall Jenner, Lili reinhart si chiar, Justin Bieber.

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