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Kinga Sebestyen: Kangoo Jumps in Bulgaria is stronger than ever

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Kinga Sebestyen has made Kangoo Jumps a phenomenon all over the world, including Bulgaria. In the South-Eastern European country there is a strong community of people who love doing this sport, and Kinga is the exclusive distributor of Kangoo Jumps products in this country and the one who launches the certificated trainers and presenters. Kinga will soon return to Bulgaria for developing new projects and gave us the following interview.

Kinga Sebestyen: Kangoo Jumps in Bulgaria is stronger than ever

Hello, Kinga! You have made Kangoo Jumps a phenomenon, not only in Romania, but in Bulgaria as well. How do you find Bulgaria in terms of appetite for this type of sport?

Bulgaria is like my second home. I really love the people here and how much devoted they are to Kangoo Jumps. It’s been many years since we started developing this discipline and I feel blessed to have so many supportive persons all over the country. Bulgarian people are open for everything that’s new and proven to be helpful for their health and their body appearance.

You have developed many projects in Bulgaria in the past decade. Which were your favorite moments?

I travel all around the world as Kangoo Jumps distributor and inventor of Kangoo Jumps programs. In Bulgaria we have developed many beautiful projects together with the Kangoo Jumps community: festivals, workshops, Mass Media communication in order to make everybody’s efforts visible. I cannot name a single favorite one. There was te Kangoo Jumps International Festival in Sofia, charity events to offer donations for the orphan children, events at Duni Resort at the seaside, collaboration with The Sport and Fitness Federation, etc.

How was the quarantine period for Kangoo Jumps community?

It has been difficult at the beginning because we didn’t know exactly what was next and how to adjust to the new situation. The group sessions were cancelled and we had to find solutions so that the community continues to have access to the classes. So, we built everything online. I had free live sessions on Facebook and Instagram for everyone at home and built groups for private online classes targeting different health issues (backbone problems, joint issues, obesity, diabetes, etc). Together with my KAPO team of doctors, we supervise their evolution and help them become healthier and fitter.

Did you notice an increase in sales for Kangoo Jumps boots in this period?

Having the offline classes suspended, most of the people went online, doing the workout at home. There was a significant interest in acquiring the Kangoo Jumps boots online, from our official websites in each country. In Bulgaria was the same. We offered support for everyone who wanted to learn Kangoo Jumps or continue doing it at home.

The offline classes are now back on track?


Yes, after the relaxation measures in June, the instructors started the offline sessions respecting the social distancing measures. Everybody is enjoying this wonderful sport which provides good mood, good health and a beautiful toned bodyshape.

Do you have a supportive Bulgarian community?

Bulgarian people love Kangoo Jumps and it has been supportive from the very beginning. Unfortunately, I have to say that some of the people I trusted let me down lately. I need to explain this now in respect for all my community in Bulgaria, so that they understand the situation.

What happened?


I want to tell all the instructors to not be intimidated by anyone regarding their 10 % discount. You have this right always as long as you have a valid certificate. Only the distributor can offer or revoke this privilege and the OFFICIAL KANGOO JUMPS DISTRIBUTOR in Bulgaria is Fit Jumps ARL since 2012, having the official website and official facebook page Kangoo Club Bulgaria and me, Kinga Sebestyen, being the CEO of this company. No one else can give or take away your discount.

Also, please remember that you must buy all the Kangoo Jumps products from the official distributor, which has exclusivity in Bulgaria, as the contacts with the Head Office of Kangoo Jumps mention.

Regarding your certificates: if you need a renewal you have the right to renew with any trainer in the world. For example now you have the chance to renew your Kangoo Jumps  certificate with Kangoo Club Bulgaria online for 65€. You can write us on facebook if you are interested.

You are NOT obliged to renew live with just one trainer that it is in your area. If that trainer is threatening you with taking away your 10% discount please announce this immediately, write an email to or send a message on Kangoo Club Bulgaria Facebook Page and we will settle the matter.

DO NOT let yourself influenced by people who have no authority!

I personally assure you that we are honoring every order and that you will always be granted your discounts!

Trust the original website and trust the official distributor!

Everyone in Bulgaria who wants to buy Kangoo Jumps boots or accessories can do it on the official website,, where the stock is always available and the delivery secure. I am very disappointed to find out that this person I am talking about is continuously spreading negative comments about me, false information and is trying to convince the people to write to the International Kangoo Jumps Head Office with complains about me and my team, without knowing the true circumstances. I have invested all my energy, heart and time in building Kangoo Jumps community all over the world and I only wish I work with supportive and correct people.


When will you be back in Bulgaria?

I hope really soon. I have had serious health issues with my voice in the past months. Because I use it roughly on every class I have, my vocal chords are really affected and doctors urged me to have vocal pause for several days. This situation affects some of the classes I have scheduled and, therefore, some great instructors replace me sometimes during the events we need to attend. I will be back in Bulgaria soon, now that we can travel again, and I have many beautiful projects for the Kangoo Jumps community on schedule.

Kinga Sebestyen officially entered Guinness Book of World Records on her birthday


💪That moment when you step off the stage and work alongside your audience ❤️

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