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Hundreds of people got metabolically younger by doing Kangoo Jumps

Scris de Alexandru Manea

Hundreds of people who participated at KAPO – Health on Boots program lost extra kilograms, reshaped their body, improved their health and also decreased their metabolic age with an average of 16 years.


The KAPO- Health on Boots study was initiated by Kinga Sebestyen and three doctors:

Ligia Olivia Burtă, primary doctor of laboratory medicine,

Dr. Dorina Maria Fărcaș, primary doctor of medical recovery, physical medicine and balneology,

Dr. Alin Iova – general practitioner, physio-kinetotherapist, sports recovery and lipotherapy specialist.

Hundreds of people attended Kangoo Jumps training three times a week in the cities where the KAPO study took place. Currently, during the pandemic, classes are also held online.

“There were people between 10 and 60 years old who were selected in the study KAPO – Health on Boots. Many of them were initially diagnosed with various health problems, from obesity to spinal disorders or they underwent back or knee surgery. We adapted the rebound boot exercises for each participant. We created a flexible, easy-to-follow diet. And the results came very quickly. We noticed radical changes in the circumference of the waist, thighs, thighs, knees. Cholesterol levels dropped, blood sugar levels stabilized.

Participants had much better breathing, they sleep better and some of them told us that they don’t snore anymore. We have, for example, a doctor with only one lung, who told us that he started to give more efficiency at work. Have more strength and greater endurance. All participants told us that since they come to Kangoo Jumps, they have gained a general state of well-being. They are more optimistic, more sociable, they enjoy life more „, says Kinga Sebestyen.

It is also interesting that their metabolic age decreased between 3 and 21 years.

„Metabolic age is a form of quantifying health, a calculation based on the rate of basal metabolism. If the „official” age is just a calendar mark, it is the metabolic age that shows if there is a problem in the body. If your metabolic age is lower than normal, it means that you have a healthy and strong body. On the other hand, if it is too high, it is time to take more care of your health.

After the metabolic age, you can find out if some chemical processes in the body take place at normal parameters. The good part is that the metabolic age can be reversible, unlike the conventional one, because it depends on the level of daily activity and nutritional habits, not just the genetic inheritance.

If your metabolic age decreases, it will become visible over time, and your biological age will no longer be obvious „, adds Kinga Sebestyen.


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The simplest methods to reach an ideal metabolic age are:

  • Regular physical effort, ideal sports 3-5 times a week. Physical effort increases the efficiency of metabolism and improves all the important functions of the body, while helping you look great.
  • Proper nutrition, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Protein must come from quality sources, such as poultry or fish, dairy, legumes, etc.
  • Adopt relaxation techniques that reduce the overall level of stress, which can have a strong negative impact on metabolism and hormone levels
  • Metabolic age is what tells us whether or not we are on the right path in terms of lifestyle. If your metabolic age is too high, you should not be discouraged, but you should do everything for time to turn its back on you „, says Kinga Sebestyen, who made Kangoo Jumps an international phenomenon.

The KAPO – Health on Boots study is in full swing in several cities in Romania, but also internationally, the participants following online the sessions led by Kinga Sebestyen, in private groups on Facebook. The registration period is still valid.

The new study focused on Wellbeing


Kinga Sebestyen is soon launching the KAPO Wellbeing study, with the support of a team of doctors and a psychologist. The program will take place online, and registrants will be able to follow Kangoo Jumps sessions, from home, guided by live video transmission by Kinga Sebestyen, and will participate weekly in conversation and psychological counseling sessions.

The psychologist will initiate various topics of discussion, will analyze the condition of each participant and, during the six months, its evolution. At the end, a report will be drawn up that will present the impact that the sport has, including on the mental state of the one who practices it.

Sport is considered one of the activities that benefits both the figure and metabolism, as well as the mental state. For the first time, a detailed study will be carried out in Romania, which aims to analyze the behavior and evolution of the mental state of those who do sports for 6 months.

Kinga’s daughter has lost 60 kg by doing Kangoo Jumps and it is in her best shape ever


The new study focused on knee problems


The KAPO series continues with a new online study, this time focused on knee problems and their improvement with the help of Kangoo Jumps. Kinga Sebestyen has with her one of the most appreciated specialist doctors in Romania, who will analyze and support the efforts and evolution of the people who join this group.

Registrations to participate in KAPO online special groups, and to do Kangoo Jumps, from home, with Kinga Sebestyen as a guide through live video transmission, are made by sending an email to


Kinga Sebestyen is an instructor of Kangoo Jumps, distributor of Kangoo Jumps boots in Romania and other European countries and international Master Trainer. It has launched unique weight loss and fitness programs, such as Fat Burning by Kinga, the boot weight loss program with rebound and toning exercises, now present in many gyms in Romania, and is the inventor of the Kangoo Jumps Presenter concept, offering diplomas certifying this profession, writing a textbook in this regard.

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