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Fata Fiji de la Golden Globes da in judecata Fiji Water. Iata de ce!

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Fata Fiji, tanara care a aparut in aproape toate fotografiile de pe covorul rosu de la Golden Globes, alaturi de vedete, tinand in mana o tava cu sticle de apa Fiji, da in judecata compania pentru ca a fost folosita in campania lor extinsa de marketing.

Fata Fiji de la Golden Globes da in judecata Fiji Water

Anul acesta, cea mai expusa persoana pe covorul rosu de la Golden Globes a fost, surprinzator, o tanara angajata sa tina in mana o tava cu sticle de apa plata Fiji. Aceasta a aparut, intentionat sau intamplator, in foarte multe fotografii realizate cu vedetele de la ceremonie. A fost denumita Fifi Water Girl, iar pozele cu aceasta au facut inconjurul planetei. 

Fiji Water Girl, mai exact modelul Kelleth Cuthbert, da acum in judecata compania pentru ca, dupa Golden Globes, aceasta a derulat o campanie gigant de marketing pe seama fotografiilor in care aceasta aparea pe covorul rosu. Ea sustine ca Fiji a folosit intentionat fotografiile nedecupate, in care ea aparea intr-un colt, in plan secund, in spatele vedetelor, a doua zi dupa ceremonie.  

Fata cu apa Fiji, noua senzatie a Internetului! Cine este si cum a reactionat dupa Golden Globes!

Cuthbert sustine ca Fiji Water a incercat sa o imbuneze cu multe cadouri pentru a o convinge sa semneze contract de acord pentru a-i folosi imaginea.

Ea sustine ca nu exista un acord semnat si ca Fiji Water nu are dreptul sa ii foloseasca imaginea si cere acum daune. 

Mai mult, si actrita Jamie Lee Curtis sustine ca apare, fara drept, in fotografii folosite de Fiji Water in campania de marketing. 

With the internet going crazy for #fijiwatergirl, we shouldn’t forget the evils of bottled water and of Fiji Water 💦 🚫 ⁣ ⁣ Firstly, let’s talk how stupid promoting single use plastic is at a time when the planet and its oceans are suffering heavily from plastic pollution 🌏😪⁣ ⁣ Secondly, let’s talk about how superfluous bottled water can be. It is completely unnecessary for anyone who has access to clean and safe drinking water 💦 ⁣ ⁣ And do you know what’s inside those water bottles? The World Health Organization found that 90% of the most popular bottled water brands were contaminated with microplastics – minuscule particles of plastic whose effect on human health is under-researched 😰⁣ ⁣ Microplastics exist in tap water too, but bottled water has twice as much (The Guardian) and only perpetuates the cycle and makes it worse with every bottle purchased.⁣ ⁣ Add in the fact that Fiji Water is transported from Fiji to the whole world. There is nothing particularly special about bottled water from Fiji. The only unique thing about Fiji is its distance 😫 Fiji Water has one of the largest carbon footprints among water bottle companies!⁣ ⁣ In a world where 1,000,000 plastic bottles are bought every minute, make sure you invest in a durable, long lasting alternative and don’t contribute to #plasticpollution. We sell food grade stainless steel bottles designed to last decades, and would implore anyone who uses bottled water to invest in one 🌏⁣ ⁣ #saynotosingleuse #bottledwater #saveourplanet #saveouroceans #saveourseas #bethechange #bethechangeyouwanttosee #reusereducerecycle #plasticfreeoceans #greenpeace #plasticfreelife #saynotosingleuseplastic #waste #pollution #eco #ecofriendly #plasticbottle #plasticbottles #nature #plastic #change #fiji #landfill #wecandobetter

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