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Chinezii au avut propriul X Factor. Ironic, l-a castigat o artista renumita din Marea Britanie!

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Chinezii au organizat propriul concurs de talente, tip X Factor, denumit Singer, la care, pentru prima data, a participat un artist international, artist care a si castigat marea competitie. Iata despre cine este vorba!

Chinezii au avut propriul X Factor. Ironic, l-a castigat o artista renumita din Marea Britanie!

Chinezii au propria retea de socializare de tip facebook, propria aplicatie de mesajerie de tip Whatsapp, si propriul concurs de talente de tip X Factor. Este vorba de competitia Singer, la care participa cei mai talentati artisti asiatici.

Pentru prima data in acest concurs a intrat si un artist international, din Marea Britanie. Este vorba de cunoscuta Jessie J, cea care s-a luptat timp de trei luni cot la cot cu artisti talentati din Asia si a reusit sa castige marele premiu.

Audienta show-ului a fost spectaculoasa, de neegalat. Mai exact, finala a fost urmarita de peste 1 miliard de oameni (comparativ, cele mai de succes show-uri din Romania sunt vazute de maximum 3-4 milioane de oameni).

Astfel se face ca prezenta artistei intr-un asemena show ii garanteaza o expunere spectaculoasa pe piata asiatica, probabil cea mai profitabila in acest moment.

I will always love you is the song that made me want to be a singer when I was 4 years old. I have wanted to sing this song for YEARS. Trust me, but I only ever wanted to sing it if and when I felt I had earned it and deserved it. Singing Whitney is an honour. She is the BEST to ever do it. This moment was LIVE on TV in China and just before I went on someone said “A billion people are watching tonight”. I fought back tears / jetlag / my voice legit going to sleep before I could lol and sang as BEST I could. I wanted to make the four year old me / Whitney / my Mum and Dad / my team and all my heartbeats around the world proud. I cried like a baby after the last note 🙏🏻❤ Thank you China for giving me this moment. 🇬🇧🇨🇳

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Last year I was asked to compete in a singing competition in China. Performing alongside the biggest established singers / artists across Asia. I was the first international artist to ever be asked / compete. An honour alone. I know a lot of people were shocked when they found out. Like why would I compete in a singing competition… I’m probably the least competitive person I know. I said yes because I LOVE to do the unexpected and I LOVE to represent the UK and singing everywhere I go. I LOVE to sing. But also it was an opportunity to bridge a gap between two cultures. For them to see a western performer and hear music some had never heard before and visa versa. For the performances to be seen by millions outside of China and visa versa. And those people to discover the show was the best part. The respect being shown for both cultures and the love was ❤ Seeing the boundaries break down and the rules be shifted made this whole experience incredible. China is an amazing place and so different to anywhere I have ever been. I have never been made to feel more welcomed and loved as I have done here. My team and I have been in China for 3.5 months. It’s been an amazing learning experience for all of us! We worked hard! THANK YOU! I love you all! 💫 I won the show last night. But what we all won was the beginning of something really magical. I am so happy I got to play a part. Here is to me being the first but not the last international artist to be on SINGER. And for the boundaries to continue to be broken. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! I still cant believe I came 1st! 🏆 Last night a billion people watched the show | MAD ✨😭🙏🏻🌹❤

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