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A fost Ziua Mamei in America. Iata cum s-au pozat vedetele pe Instagram

Pe 13 martie, in multe tari din lume, inclusiv SUA, este celebrata Ziua Mamei. Vedetele nu puteau rata ocazia de sarbatori si ele, iar marturie au stat pozele si postarile de pe Instagram.

A fost Ziua Mamei in America. Iata cum s-au pozat vedetele pe Instagram

Si celebritatile au punctele lor sensibile si devin emotive in anumite ocazii. Unul din aceste puncte sensibile este familia si se mandresc, ori de cate ori au ocazia, cu toti cei apropiati lor. In aceste conditii, este si firesc ca Ziua Mamei sa nu treaca neobservata. Fie ca se bucura ca sunt ele insele mame, fie ca le sarbatoresc pe cele care le-au dat viata, fie ca vor sa transmita un mesaj catre femeile din lume, ziua aceasta trebuie sa fie intotdeauna marcata pe retelele de socializare. Pentru ca, stim deja ca daca ceva nu apare online, atunci nu s-a intamplat.

Anul asta, pana si „fetele rele” precum Rihanna, Kim Cattrall sau Madonna au postat texte pline de emotie si si-au felicitat mamele. Noi ne-am uitat pe conturile de Instagram ale mai multor vedete indragite si va aratam ce poze au postat si cum au ales sa isi exprime sentimentele. Care este declaratia ta preferata?

Jennifer Lopez

Emily Ratajkowski

Gigi Hadid

Kim Cattrall

Kris Jenner

Blake Lively

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Alba

Motherhood: it’s a doozy, isn’t it? Your world gets turned completely upside down. Everything you thought you knew about what was important is no longer. And all the things you once took for granted — like sleep, and sitting down to eat an actual meal — become the greatest luxuries. Little people change you. To love and need someone that much and have them love and need you just as much…it’s the best and hardest and most heartbreaking thing there is. I still can’t believe it, but my oldest baby is almost 10 years old. And you know what? She doesn’t need me in the same ways she once did. There goes that heartbreak again…but it’s true. The time we have with our little ones when they’re actually little is so fleeting. And it’s a reminder for me to be present and cherish every messy moment. Every tantrum, every tired cry, every bit of these days that sometimes feel like they’ll never end. Because the truth is, they will. As a first-time mother, I was still learning about this person I had become. And I felt like everything had to be just perfect. But these days, I’m ok if my baby cries a little bit…because I know he’ll be ok. And so what if the dishes pile up in the sink…and if my living room looks nothing like the Instagram post five seconds after I take the picture. It’s all ok. This Mother’s Day (and really, every day), I want to thank you for trusting us @honest to be a part of your journey. And I want to let you know that even if it doesn’t always feel like it, you’ve got this. It’s not gonna be perfect. But you’re an amazing mama. And that’s everything. xo. 😘❤️✨

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Drew Barrymore

Cindy Crawford

Kendall Jenner

hi mom

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Nicole Kidman


Olivia Munn


Michelle Obama

Tyra Banks

Cum au sarbatorit vedetele ziua de 8 martie!

Ashley Graham

Kristin Davis


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