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A doctor from Oradea becomes a Kangoo Jumps instructor after falling in love with this sport

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A physician from Oradea has become so passionate about Kangoo Jumps that she has decided to specialise in this field to get an accredited instructor’s degree.

A doctor from Oradea becomes a Kangoo Jumps instructor after falling in love with this sport

Dr. Olivia Ligia Burta, a senior medical practitioner, began practicing Kangoo Jumps earlier this year, with the participation of a specialist in the national medical study „KAPO – Health on Boots”, demonstrating the benefits of this sport to health.

In addition to medical supervision, the specialist wanted to do this sport alongside the over 80 people attending this study. The dynamism, exercise tolerance, and well-being that he discovered at these rebound boot exercises have convinced Olivia Ligia Burta to develop this passion and get the Kangoo Jumps instructor’s diploma.

Because she already has medical studies, the training program took only 3 weeks with Kinga Sebestyen and she finally received the document that will give her the ability to coordinate Kangoo Jumps exercises alongside her professional activity.

Dr. Olivia Ligia Burta will lead for the Kangoo Jumps classes for the up to 58-year-old age group selected to participate in the KAPO – Health on Boots study.

The study is unique in the world, initiated by Kinga Sebestyen, the exercise coordinator, adapted to the medical criteria evaluated and monitored by a team of highly regarded specialists. Study participants are doing Kangoo Jumps exercises on rebound boots, adapted to various pathologies, with the intention of demonstrating at the end of the study the objective benefits of this sport on health.

The team of specialists is composed of: Dr. Olivia Ligia Burta, Primary Laboratory Medicine Laboratory, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dorina Maria Farcas, Primary Physician Recovery, Physical Medicine and Balneology, Dr. Alin Iova – Physician General Physician, Physiotherapist, Specialist sports recuperation and lipotherapy, head of papers Dr. Corina Hute, primary care physician, and psychologist Corina Chiorean.

5,000+ EURO were donated by Kinga Sebestyen and Kangoo Jumps lovers for children with cancer

Through this study, Dr. Olivia Ligia Burta wants to promote health behaviors both at the university level (as a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Oradea) and at community level, especially in the category of donors (and potential donors), being the director of the Bihor Transfusion Center.

„We will come to the end of the study with extraordinary results and specialty articles that we want to scientifically prove the benefits of the KAPO boot medical program,” the study will show that Kinga Sebestyen’s rebound boot programs can create / prevent / change habits and lifestyle-related risk behaviours in different diseases, regardless of gender or age, „said Dr. Olivia Ligia Burta.

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