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Free online Kangoo Jumps classes for 55+ elder people

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People over the age of 55 have the opportunity to join online Kangoo Jumps classes, for free. The workouts are specially created and adapted for seniors by Kinga Sebestyen.

Free online Kangoo Jumps classes for 55+ elder people   

The benefits of Kangoo Jumps on the health of people over 55 (not only in the pandemic)!


Kangoo Jumps is a sport which brings several health benefits, as proved by the study „KAPO – Health on Boots”:

– rejuvenation of the metabolic age: an average of 7 years

– relief of symptoms caused by menopause

– toning the muscles of the back, abdomen, perineum, with spectacular results on the general posture

– urinary incontinence improvement

– improve of sexual activity

– reduction of wrinkles, through hydration during the classes and controlled diet

– induces good mood, increase self-esteem.

„I have trained people of all ages, even over 70 years old and their body and health improvement is spectacular.

Kangoo Jumps exercises on original rebound boots, customized to each person according to weight and leg size, help each group of muscles, protect all joints thanks to the custom spring system, for shock absorption. Kangoo Jumps also help the lymphatic drainage and detoxification, and increases calorie consumption „, explains doctor Olivia Burtă.

Customized Kangoo jumps exercises for seniors


Kinga Sebestyen created the Kangoo Jumps program for seniors and explains the differences from those dedicated to other ages.

“Senior Training trainings are designed for the physical condition of people over 55 years of age. They are performed at intervals, with easier lifts to reduce the impact of jumping; an adjustment is made on the boots for a better balance, associated with toning exercises. They have positive effects on the whole body, especially on the muscles, joints, bones, and the spring system provides protection against shocks.

The condition is to use the original rebound boots, which can be found on, the only ones configured in accordance with the original patent, guaranteeing total protection.

I am responsible for providing the conditions for a healthy and safe training and I insist on the danger of using counterfeit boots, which are commercially available. They do not have the right construction or quality materials, even if they resemble the original ones and, which due to the lower price, can lead people to purchase them. The risks of their use are to break them during the exercises, as the sole and the arch cannot be controlled, there is a danger of injury. We have always insisted on paying attention to this essential aspect „, says Kinga Sebestyen, instructor and creator of Kangoo Jumps programs.



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How are professional Kangoo boots built?


Kangoo Jumps are the invention of the Canadian Gregory Lektham and were later patented by Denis Naville (Switzerland). The invention aimed at people who wanted to recover from accidents or operations or to practice sports safely, without affecting the knees and spine. Authentic Kangoo Jumps boots are equipped with special stretch bands, positioned on both soles of the boots, from one end to the other, being non-slip. The springs provide specific jumps and cushioning with the ground. In this way, unlike other sports, there is no danger of having pain or damage to the joints, under the conditions of performing the exercises correctly.



The doctor who became a Kangoo Jumps instructor


Olivia Burtă, primary laboratory physician and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oradea, Romania, started practicing Kangoo Jumps in early 2019 and, in love with the sport, attended trainer courses of King Sebestyen, becoming a senior accredited instructor.

Olivia Burtã, together with Kinga Sebestyen, Dr. Alin Iova and Dr. Puşa Maria Farcaş, is also the holder of the Guinness record, involved in organizing the largest Kangoo Jumps class in history, an event that took place in 2019 in Oradea.

„I am the mother of two children and a doctor of a lifetime! Thanks to Kinga, I rediscovered myself in a new, much superior form through Kangoo Jumps. I became a senior trainer at the age of 59, and my transformation amazes and motivates me. keep going.

I want to pass on the joy of doing Kangoo Jumps to seniors (regardless of gender) and I will teach Kangoo Jumps classes online for free.

Registrations are made by email at, and after setting up the private Facebook group, the classes will be online.

The condition is that the participants have original boots, because this is the only way we can guarantee the efficiency of the trainings, especially in the case of people of this age category ”, says Dr. Olivia Burtă.



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